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Every Work We Done Always Do with Quality to Build Trust

Our History

We started out in 1975, establishing the SMI, to actively participate in developing Indonesia’s infrastructure through general construction and installation work. By focusing on construction works of SPBU (public gas station), harbor, oil & gas depot as well as their Installation pipes, SMI grew and improved its expertise through various experience on the field. As of today’s development in cities and regions nationwide, SMI also widen its capability and have now built public facilities, housing and hotels. And after 14 years, SMI, which was first known as CV Sinar Mutiara, now changed its name to PT Sinar Mutiara Indah.


We have been dedicated
for more than
40 Years

Kami memberikan layanan profesional untuk membangun kepercayaan dan kualitas kerja
For ± 40 years, SMI (PT. Sinar Mutiara Indah) has recorded success in varying construction and gas installation projects across Indonesia. We build our reputation and expertise from work perfection and quality to all of our partners and customers. With accuracy, transparency and integrity in conducting every project, we believe we are able to give the best in fulfilling your objectives.

Vision & Mission


To become the leading, responsible and trusted contractor in construction, installation and technical field in Indonesia.


We believe that sufficient learning process and continuous development are two key points in achieving company’s vision, described in the following steps:

  • Always do benchmarking in completing every work to become better than the best.
  • Apply international standards for the whole company’s operational and organizational activities.
  • Always comply with applicable regulation and abide to standards set by customer, government and other authorized parties.
  • Serve and dedicate best effort to all of our customers.
  • Appreciate every staff and people we work with.
  • Become an environmental-friendly company.

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