Bukti nyata dari dedikasi kami membangun negeri melalui list Portofolio kami ini


Syncrum Office

Syncrum Logistics’ building in Cibitung was built in 2010. During the construction, SMI contributed in structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing work. This building is now used as Syncrum Logistics’ Office and Storage.

Jabil Building

The Jabil Building in Bandung started its construction in late 2016. SMI contributed in Rigid pavement, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Loading Dock as well as the Soakwell.

Alfaria Office

In 2011, SMI took an opportunity to contribute to the construction of Sumber Alfaria Trijayas’ Office in Cibinong in West Java. In this project, SMI contributed to the structure, architecture, mechanics and electrics.

Hotel & Apartement

Hotel Maxone Belitung

The Maxone hotel in Belitung was SMIs’ project that was finished in 2013. SMI contributed to its structural, architectural and plumbing designs for the Hotel.

Springhill Condotel Lampung

SMI started working on the Springhill Condotel in Lampung from 2016. SMI contributed to Mechanical, electrical and Plumbing work.

Springhill Hotel Bali

Other than the Springhill hotel in Lampung, SMI is also contributing to the Springhill hotel in Bali. This hotel started its construction in 2015 and is still ongoing. SMI is contributing to its Architecture and Plumbing.

Hotel Cordela Express

The Cordela Express Hotel in Jakarta which was constructed in 2015. SMI contributed in its structure, architecture, mechanics and electrics.

Grand Valore

The Grande Valore Interarts Condominium in Cikarang is one of SMI’s ongoing projects that is approaching completion. SMI is contributing directly in the installation of light weight steel walls, skin coat columns, structural exposure, the construction and the finishing of the opening of tower C, and also the granite tiling and walling.


Warehouse DC SAT Gunung Sindur

Sumber Alfaria Trijaya’s DC storage located at Gunung Sindur Bogor was a SMI project in 2012. SMI contributed to its Infrastructure, structure, Design (Architecture), Mechanics and Electrics.

Warehouse DC SAT Palembang

Sumber Alfaria Trijaya’s DC storage in Palembang was built in 2011. SMI had contributed to its civil, architecture, Mechanics and Electrics.

Warehouse DC SAT Bandung

Sumber Alfaria Trijayas’ Bali branch DC storage is operating as an office as well as a Distribution storage. It was built in 2008 where SMI contributed to its civil, architectural, Mechanic and its Electrical Work.

Warehouse Haba - Alfamart

The Haba Storage – Alfamart owned by Sumber Indah Lestari in Bitung Tangerang. SMI contributed to the structure, design, mechanics and electrics.

Warehouse Syncrum

PT. Syncrum Logistics’ building in Cibitung was constructed in 2010. SMI contributed in the building’s Architecture, Mechanics, Electrics, and Plumbing. It is now used as an office and storage building.


Auto 2000 Pontianak

In 2014, Astra International built an Auto 2000 Showroom in Pontianak. During the Showroom’s construction, SMI contributed to Land preparation and Architecture

Auto 2000 Tangerang

In 2013, SMI received a Project from Astra International to repair the showroom’s pavement around the Auto 2000 Showroom located in Tangerang.

Cafe Bengawan Solo

Bengawan solo is one Indonesia’s well-known Coffee shops. In 2008, SMI took the opportunity to contribute to the Coffee shop’s construction in Pantai Indah Kapuk. SMI contributed to its architecture, infrastructure, mechanics, electrics and plumbing.


Compressor Installation

In 2009, SMI was entrusted to execute a project to install a Compressor for PT. Post Energy, in Pondok Tengah – Bekasi.

Tank Installation & LPG Bulk SPPBE Pipe, Semarang

In 2005, SMI was entrusted a project from Taruma Kusuma Purinusa, SMI installed the LPG Tank and Central Installation LPG System located on Jl. Sri Rejeki Dalam Raya No. 8 – Semarang.

Blue Gas LPG Bulk Tank Installation

One of the blue gas Bulk LPG installations in Sidoarjo, East Java was one SMI’s projects in 2013. SMI prepared and installed the pipes for the LPG Filling plants, both for 3kg & 12kg, also assisting with installation tests for LPG tanks and support pipes.

Aspal Tank Installation Bitumen Jaya Utama Ciwandan

In 2007, Bitumen Jaya Utama provided SMI an opportunity to construct an asphalt terminal, primarily the placing and doubling of the asphalt tanks in Ciwandan, Cilegon, Banten.

Pipe Tank Installation LPG Bulk SPPBE SMI Denpasar Bali

SMI received a project to install, supervize, and execute the Installtion of SPPBE Bulk LPG pipes located in Denpasaar, Bali.

SPPBE Installation Pemalang

In 2009, SMI directly contributed to the construction of a SPBE, specifically for 3kg gas canisters. This is owned by Saputra Empat Srikandi in Central Java.

Lubricant Installation Padalarang

Other than LPG installations, SMI has also constructed lubricant installations. One of these installations built by SMI was the Complete lubricant installation (roads included) in Padalarang.

Lubricant Installation Liqtro Tambun

SMI Installations has also constructed processing plants of lubricants, an example is Luqtro lubricants for Smessindo Lubritech in Tambun, Bekasi. This installation was constructed in 1996.

Installation LPG Bulk

Astra Honda Vehicles became our client in 2010. SMI was requested to construct a Central LPG bulk system with a 1 x 5 ton capacity in Cikampek.

Under Sea Pipe Jakarta

In 1984. SMI took an opportunity to work on project from PPDN Pertamina Jakarta. This project was the installation of undersea pipes are located throughout Jakarta – Cengkareng.

Avtur Mining

In 1983, SMI took an Opportunity to work on the Avtur mining facility in Bengkulu.

Depot BBM

Other than installations, SMI also has been constructing depots. An example is the Fuel Depot in Kemiing – Bengkulu. This depot was built in 1983.

Public Gas Stations

SPBU Total Kedoya

SMI had the opportunity to build a Gas Station in Panjang Kedoya street, West Jakarta. SMI constructed the gas station in 2011.

AKR Sambas PT.AKR Corporindo

Subsidized gas station AKR sambas is a gas station belonging to PT. AKR Corporindo. This gas station is found throughout many areas of, and SMI has received the opportunity to construct one in West Kalimantan.

SPBU Pertamina Sadikun Tambun

The gas station that is located at Bilangan Tambun South Bekasi is a gas station constructed by SMI. SMI constructed the gas stations starting from civil work, architecture, mechanics, electrics and plumbing. This gas station that was built in 2008 is still active and running.

SPBU Kawasan Bisnis Artha Gading

One of the Gas stations on Boulevard Artha Gading Street, North Jakarta was built in 2008, and was one of SMI’s projects.

SPBU Shell

One of the Gas stations which is on Daan Mogot, Jakarta was one of SMI’s Project which was finished in 2012.


Antawirya H's House.

Other than Offices or Storages, SMI also constructs housing complexes and homes. In 2004, SMI was entrusted to the construction of Mr. Antawiya H. in Jakarta Pusat.

Efendi Gani's House

In 2006, SMI was entrusted to build a private home. SMI took the opportunity to build Mr. Efendi Ghanis’ House in West Jakarta.

Mosque at Serang Banten

The Jami Baitul Barokah Mosque in Serang, Banten. This Mosque was built in 2005. SMI directly contributed to its civil, structure, architecture, electrics, and plumbing.

Bayangkara Hospital

In 2007, SMI took the opportunity to assist the renovation of the Bhayangkara Tk IV Selapa Police Hospital in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.

Pusat Rehabilitasi Cirebon

One of the Hospitals and Rehabilitation buildings in Mountain Jati, Kesambi, Cirebon. This SMI project that was completed in 1999.

Jembatan Timbang – Serang

In 2007, SMI was requested to construct a concrete road on the Timbang bridge in Cilegon, Banten.

Store Dan - Dan

Mini Market Dan-Dan is a building owned by Sumber Indah Lestari in Bitung, Tangerang. This building is one of SMI’s projects in 2012. SMI contributed by designing and constructig the structure, architecture, mechanics and electrics.

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