Our dedication to build this country through our Portfolio list


Syncrum Office

We contributed in Structural, Architectural & Plumbing work of Syncrum Logistic Building in Cibitung in 2010.

Jabil Building

We are involved in the Structure, Rigid Povement, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Loading Dock & Soakwell of Jabil Building, Bandung.

Alfaria Office

PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya in Cibinong, West Java was constructed with our contribution in the work of Structure, Architecture in 2011.

Hotel & Apartement

Hotel Maxone Belitung

We contributed to Structures, Architecture and Plumbing work of Hotel Maxone in Belitung, built in 2013.

Springhill Condotel Lampung

We contribute to Mechanical & Electrical work of Springhill Condotel Hotel in Lampung, 2016.

Springhill Hotel Bali

Structures, Architecture and plumbing work of Springhill Hotel in Bali were made with our contribution in 2016.

Hotel Cordela Express

Hotel Cordela Express in Jakarta, built in 2015. The work of Structure, Architecture, plumbing & electrical installation were made by our contribution.

Grand Valore

We participated in the Architectural work of Grand Valore Interarts Condominium, Tower A, B and C in Cikarang, 2016.


Warehouse DC SAT Gunung Sindur

The warehouse construction at Gunung Sindur - Bogor, in 2012. We participated in Civil, Architectural and Mechanical work.

Warehouse DC SAT Palembang

We took part in civil works, Architecture and Mechanical of PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya DC Warehouse Palembang branch, 2011.

Warehouse DC SAT Bandung

PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya DC Warehouse , Bali branch, were built in 2018 by our contribution in Civil, Architectural and Mechanical work.

Warehouse Haba - Alfamart

We contributed in Design & Build Structure work of Haba – Alfamart Warehouse in Bitung - Tangerang, built in 2012.

Warehouse Syncrum

PT. Syncrum Logistic in Cibitung, built in 2010. We contribute in the office and warehouse storage establishment.


Auto 2000 Pontianak

PT. Astra International Tbk entrusted us the construction project of Showroom Auto 2000 located in Tangerang in 2014.

Auto 2000 Tangerang

Construction of Auto 2000 Showroom in Pontianak. We contribute to the maturation work of Civil & Architectural land in 2013.

Cafe Bengawan Solo

In 2008, we built Coffee Shop Bengawan Solo, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk area.


Compressor Installation

PT. Post Energy entrusted us a project of installing a compressor machine at Pondok Tengah, Bekasi in 2009.

Tank Installation & LPG Bulk SPPBE Pipe, Semarang

PT. Taruna Kusuma Purinusa entrusted us in the LPG Tank Project and the Central Instalation LPG System in Semarang in 2005.

Blue Gas LPG Bulk Tank Installation

PT Blue Gas Indonesia entrusted us the construction of SPPBE & LPG pipeline installation in Sidoarjo, East Java in 2009.

Aspal Tank Installation Bitumen Jaya Utama Ciwandan

PT. Bitumen Jaya Utama is working with Us to build an asphalt terminal in Ciwandan, Banten in 2007.

Pipe Tank Installation LPG Bulk SPPBE SMI Denpasar Bali

We worked on installation, maintenance and opertaion of LPG Bulk SPPBE pipeline installation in South Denpasar, Bali in 2004.

SPPBE Installation Pemalang

PT Saputra Empat Srikandi entrusted us in the development of SPPBE for 3kg Filling Tubes at Pemalangan, Central Java in 2009.

Lubricant Installation Padalarang

PERTAMINA entrusted us the Installation of Lubricant Equipments with road facilities located in Depot Padalarang, Bandung.

Lubricant Installation Liqtro Tambun

Construction of Liqtro Lubricant Processing Plant at PT Smessindo Lubritech in Tambun, Bekasi. We were able to complete the project in 1996.

Installation LPG Bulk

Installation of LPG Bulk Central System capacity 1x5 tons. We are requested by PT. Astra Honda Motor, to complete the project in 2010.

Under Sea Pipe Jakarta

We worked in Installation of Seabed Pipe in Jakarta – Cengkareng, assigned by PT. PPDN Pertamina Jakarta in 1984.

Avtur Mining

Development of Avtur Facilities at Bengkulu Depot. We were entrusted to build the entire facility in 1983.

Depot BBM

Depot BBM in Padang Kemiing, Bengkulu. We were entrusted to build and complete all such facilities in 1983.

Public Gas Stations

SPBU Total Kedoya

In 2005, PT. Total Indonesia assigned us to build Total Gas Station in Kedoya, West Jakarta.

AKR Gas Station

AKR gas station in Sambas, West Kalimantan. We were assigned by PT. AKR Coorporindo to build the gas station in 2005.

SPBU Pertamina Sadikun Tambun

We were able to finish the establishment of Pertamina gas stations in Artha Gading, requested bu PERTAMINA in 2008, Jakarta.

SPBU Kawasan Bisnis Artha Gading

We contributed in Architecture, Electrical and Plumbing of Pertamina gas stations in Artha Gading in Jakarta, 2008.

SPBU Shell

Shell filling stations in Daan Mogot, Jakarta. We were trusted by PT. Shell Indonesia to build this gas station in 2012.


Private Housing Jakarta Pusat

In 2004 we built a private house located in Central Jakarta. We contributed in Structural, Architectural & Electrical work.

Private Housing Jakarta Barat

In 2006 we built a private house located in West Jakarta, especially in Structural, Architectural & Electrical work.

Mosque at Serang Banten

We took part in the overall construction of Jami Baitul Barokah Mosque in Serang, Banten in 2005

Bayangkara Hospital

We built Bhayangkara Tk IV Hospital Selapa POLRI in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta and renovated the building in 2007.

Pusat Rehabilitasi Cirebon

General Hospital and Rehabilitation Building in Gunung Jati - Kesambi, Cirebon is our project which was built in 1999.

Jembatan Timbang – Serang

Weigh Bridge in Cilegon, Banten. We worked on concrete road construction as a buffer from the bridge in 2007.

Store Dan - Dan

In 2013, a mini market in Bitung, Tangerang was built by our Design & Build Structure, Mechanical and Electrical work.

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